Project Details

  • The Latinx Hispanic Almanac
  • MobileSoftware
  • 2021

The Latinx Hispanic Almanac

Celebrate Latinas and Latinos every day with The Latinx Hispanic Almanac! Meet Latinx throughout the Americas, from first-century Mayans to 21st-century MLB players. Discover key events in Latinx history and culture in North and South America and the many contributions of Latinx to the USA. The Latinx Almanac provides snack-size portions of biography, current events, history, art, culture, politics, and more, in a daily calendar format, for an uplifting and inspiring view of our diverse history.

Core Features

– [ ] Watch or listen to past messages
– [ ] Sign up for events
– [ ] Stay up to date with push notifications
– [ ] Share your favourite messages via Twitter, Facebook, or email
– [ ] Download messages for offline listening

Technologies used with project

  • Frameworks and Libraries: Flutter
  • Back-end Technology: Firebase
  • State Management: BloC
  • Database: Firebase real-time database
  • UX Designing: Sigma
  • DevOps: Bitrise
  • Analytics: Firebase (Google) Analytics
  • Crash Reporting: Firebase Crashlytics
  • Business Management Tools: JIRA | BitBucket | Slack
  • Contains Ads: Google Ads

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