Project Details

  • GyftHint
  • Mobile
  • 2021


GyftHint is a platform for you, your family and friends to share your wish lists. You can then buy gifts within the app in a few simple steps knowing very well that the recipient will truly love it since they hand-picked it. We are taking the stress out of the gifting experience – an endless search for the perfect gift which at its best, is just a (well-intentioned) guess.

Add any item that you like from any retailer to your wishlist and encourage your network of family and friends to do the same. The GyftHint app will remind you of any important events within your network. This way, you’ll never miss a birthday or an anniversary.

GyftHint processes the purchase which is then shipped from the retailer directly to you or to the recipient! The surprise element will still be there since all purchases are anonymous and the recipient will not be informed. Others in your network won’t buy the item twice since it will be obvious to them that it’s been gifted.

Technologies used with project

  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • Facebook Authentication
  • AWS S3

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