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Daily Brief

DailyBrief gets you news, views and ideas that matter, in brief, from top journalists, experts, and thought-leaders in India and around the world.Stay informed and save time without the toxicity and endless chatter of social media. Our creators watch top media outlets & brief you only about things that matter to you, in short, like you are a vip.

You’ll also find insightful & analytical articles that help you decode current news happenings in the world of governance, politics, business, technology, health, & global news.

DailyBrief cuts the clutter, kills the information overload & helps you connect the dots on complex issues.

Read only news & views that matter, gain insights & expand your knowledge
We greatly value your time.

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Technologies used with project

  • Frameworks and Libraries: React Native | AWS S3
  • Back-end Technology : Python
  • Database: MySQL
  • Business Management Tools: JIRA | Github | Skype
  • Ads : Google Ads
  • Analytics: Amplitude

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