Is WordPress still the leader of the CMS Market?

If you need a content Website then the first word comes to mind is WordPress. Let’s check in this blog why it is.

WordPress History

WordPress was released in 2003. It was designed to be a user friendly & simple platform to create websites. It got tremendous results based on time and cost.

Based on the results it continues to be more powerful. In 2005, WordPress came with a full functional admin dashboard to manage their sites.

Over the years it has become popular offering new tools and add-ons which is helpful to create a quick website with a collection of themes and templates.

Today, There are more than 450 million websites with WordPress globally, which is 37% of all websites.

Now let’s have a look at the features of WordPress which makes WordPress the leader of CMS Market.

Key Features of WordPress CMS

1) Cost Effective

By this we want to say it is totally free.

WordPress is a totally free platform from its first release till now. It is free to download and use. Just need to keep in mind about domain and hosting costs only.

2) No Coding Skills Required

WordPress makes it easy to use without coding skills. It is made with the features where you can make any changes to the website with its admin panel only.

There are many themes and plugins available which can be used to amend websites as per your requirement via just a few clicks. Because of different kinds of themes and plugins you can select exactly how your website will look.

The content editor of WordPress is very powerful and is made to keep in mind WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing feature.

3) SEO Friendly

Making the website is not the only thing you need for sure. You will also see that your website will rank high in search engines. For that you need good SEO done within your website.

WordPress comes with built-in SEO tools which will help you rank high in search by potential clients. There are many free plugins also which can insight your SEO results per page.

WordPress permalinks feature is SEO friendly which is the url of the pages. It is going to be read by search engines which makes WordPress better than any other CMS platform.

4) Huge Community World-wide

As we already discussed, WordPress is the largest open source project choice. It has an army of passionate developers and helpers behind it. You will get many guides and documents based on your requirements.

Because of the large number of developers and supporters, you will get the quick solution to any kind of problem.

5) Available Plugins for almost Everything

Due to a long period of time being leader of the CMS Market, WordPress is now full of available plugins for different requirements.  If you think you need something on your website, 99% of time you will get the best fit plugin available in the market free of cost.

WordPress made a very useful page at to browse the plugin as per your need. It has a very beautiful detailed page where you can find how to use a particular plugin with screenshots and plugin insights.

6) Future of WordPress

As per the market research and the features which are upgraded by wordpress continuously, We don’t think wordpress is giving up its place as leader of CMS Market in near future.

There is no other CMS platform which can compete with WordPress with its features. There are many others like, Joomla & Drupal since long time trying to match the market with WordPress but they can’t and i think they can never as well.


So what is the result here?

Based on the features WordPress has and the market competitor there is no doubt WordPress is the leader of the CMS market. It is the most popular website builder because of the user-friendly panel. Most important feature of WordPress is the SEO compatibility and tools which makes it better than other platforms in the market.

Overall WordPress is not defeatable by its kind of CMS platform for now.

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