How to select best fit framework for your software

If you are planning to build software, you need to select the best fit software development framework which will help you the best way they can. 

Nowadays almost every month there is a new framework in the current market. Selecting the best fit framework for your software is not an easy task. Before moving ahead with the selection of framework let’s understand what is the software development framework.

What is a software development framework?

Software framework is an abstraction in which there is a foundation for developing the software. It can be modified based on your requirement by adding code. The framework will contain built-in functions, templates and many other components based on their purpose of serving the requirement.

For Example, When you want to build an application from scratch developers will use any related framework which have built-in templates, generic menus, buttons and other functionality which will reduce the time and efforts to develop the application.

Why do you need the software development framework? 

For both developer and client, it is necessary to use the framework. Here are some of the reasons why you need the correct framework.

  • Framework provides lots of built-in functionality which will help to reduce the efforts and time to complete the development of an application. Like WordPress, Laravel
  • Many frameworks provide just a user interface to complete the component building without writing a code.
  • The framework functionality will reduce the occurrence of errors and improve the quality of results.
  • There are many libraries, plugins, packages available which you can integrate within the framework easily. This will help to reduce the code integration of the library and at the end it will affect the time taken to complete the process. Frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Larvel

Now you know what a software development framework is and what are the benefits of the frameworks. The next part of the question is which framework is best for your software.

Points you need to consider while choosing the best development frameworks.

To select the right framework, You need to understand what you need the framework for and be sure you are not making any mistake on selecting the framework. Here are some points which will help you to determine the right framework.

  • Does the framework provide the functionality based on your need?
  • Different frameworks are made for different needs. So first you need to check that the framework provides the functionality which is actually required in your software. Some frameworks are best for small applications and some are for large scale applications. Selecting a big framework for a small software requirement is not a good idea. Instead of adjusting the framework, get the best suitable framework based on your need.
  • Based on your priorities, you can rank these needs into:
    • Essential Needs : This is going to be a compulsory list which the framework should have.
    • Conditional Needs: The needs are not as essential but it is going to be helpful to get productivity and quality.
    • Additional Needs:  Those needs are neither essential nor conditional but we are going to use it someday.
  • Check Popularity, Community Size & Documentation
  • It is true that Well known frameworks are going to live more. Most of the time this will have more ideas, plugins & application tools available. 
  • Popular frameworks will have a good number of communities to support for problems and questions.
  • For any framework there will be some sort of documents available but you need to be sure here that the document is properly maintained and explains each of its features with examples.
  • If proper details are not available you need to spend time and resources to explore this and time is a more important thing that we can not waste.
  • Sustainability of framework & Support
  • Before selecting a framework, you should check that this framework is going to make you up and running by time or not. Is it providing proper maintenance and upgrading on time.
  • Check that you are going to get help and support easily by the framework documents, community or by other questioning platforms available.

Bonus tips of selecting right development framework

Before you make the final selection of any development framework, Here are some bonus points you should always remember.

  • As per current market flow of new trending frameworks are coming frequently. Don’t go blindly with the market and select a framework based on your research.
  • Research of the statistics of the framework will never disappoint you in the end.
  • Some companies or websites show the demo of the product developed by framework which will attract you but actual software you will get is just whack so beware of fraud.
  •  Check for some professional opinion and reach out to some experts to get some advice.
  • Selecting just a good framework is not enough but select an expert team of developers to complete your software development with the selected framework.


Selecting the correct software development framework is something to take very seriously. It is the second most coming phase after getting a software idea in your mind. 

Perfect software is a bunch of correct selection. So framework selection is not only a choice you need to deal with. You need the right team of developers to make your software up and running with the selected framework.